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One feature of iPhones that I found interesting was the ability to make calls over WiFi. Is this a real thing? Thanks for the article. Wi-Fi calling has been a thing for some time now. Anyway, thanks for the comment! This was as of January Anyway, good piece, really informative. Chapeau for the outstanding article! I must say, yours is probably the best comparison article I have ever come across.

Thank you for your detailed info regarding the two systems and I must say although I have never owned an apple phone myself I do quite agree with all your points, being from experience of seeing my friends using the iPhone. Another thing I realized about these iPhone users is that as soon as Apple announce a new launch, everyone goes crazy to upgrade their phones!

Just to give a rough idea of what sort of person I am, I once owned a Samsung Galaxy Wonder and I used it for more than 3 years until the battery was practically bloated. The system crashed a lot and the lag is terrible, but I honestly loved it.

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This being said, I never understood the hype of why Apple users seem to always want to buy new products as soon as they launch. Even the newly converted android-to-apple users seem to join in the craze. I am currently using a Samsung Note 3 bought in and I find that this phone absolutely lovely.

With the multitasking ability at that point was rather new , large screen, great camera resolution and ability to write notes by hand, for me it totally overruled the then newest iPhone. I love how I am able to customize my phone to my liking which in my opinion helped me prioritize the things I want to be able to see and use via widgets and shortcuts which is a lacking feature in iPhone.

I live among android users and the idea of forgetting my charging cable and suffering for the rest of the day is why I prefer the universal android charging cable. Even so, many people including my boyfriend are trying to persuade me to get an iPhone. That is how i got here.

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And I really thank you again for your excellent article for giving me the basic insight regarding the difference of the two. I am now considering buying the iPhone 7 for myself and I might even change my current phone to the Galaxy S7 Edge simply to get a first-hand experience. I agree with your points, but I really dont think either one is inherently better than the other.

I have personally had both and switched back and forth constantly. I find that apple has the much better app store and its an overall very simple experience. I love the big screen of most android phones and how cheap you can get some big screened phones, but as someone who wants a simple streamlined experience, im going to stick with apple, for now. Very good article outlining differences between apple and Android.

I myself have been a long time iPhone user, but I recently switched to a Samsung s7 and will never go back. The only problem I have with this article is that it says the Samsung s7 has an IR blaster as a feature, which it does not have. Sad because I thought this would be handy if I lose the remote and want to use my TV without tearing through the living room looking for it.

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Hey Hunter, thanks for the comment! Also, great catch on the IR blaster detail!

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I have updated the article to reflect that change. I do appreciate the information you gave me is I am not a high-tech person either. And I wish I could just keep it because I like it and not have to buy a new phone. It keeps shutting itself ,so I turn it back on, and it keepsturning itself back off again.

If I leave it off a couple hours I can turn it back on and it will stay on and I can use it again. The gentleman at the second store said that this will start to happen after a few years with an Android phone. The software cannot keep up with all the new updates. They are very expensive. I do like what smartphones offer , I use it a lot.

I thought about switching to the iPhone. I understand that you have to buy most things for an iPhone. And I like being able to download CDs on my Droid without having to pay for it all over again. So I am debating about what to do. Any info any advice you offer is appreciated. Hi Kathy! Although you are seeing that problem with your S4, iPhones will suffer from that same problem as well. Hopefully that info helps! For a non-tech person would it be better to buy somewhat lower end phones, either brand, but buy a new phone more often?

Excluding that Apple no longer gives a headphone jack. Apple and Jobs were the underdog and apparently Apple is the underdog again or on the way to it. The pro to android with customizations and lauchers is good because you can change the look of your phone to the way you like. One huge negative aspect of this however is that NONE of the lauchers for android and customizations actually look good. And one big thing about the hardward.

This article is like alot of ignorant fanboy android users they think on paper android devices outshine iphones however in real life tests iphones out perform android just take a look at speed tests where users lauch cpu intensive games iphone launches way quicker. Check out also geek bench test scores iphone 7 plus way better scores than your samsung s7 edge and pixel xl phones.

So I would just get the facts checked out straight first before you post about hardware. If you look at some of the screenshots I have on this article, one of the side by side screenshots is using the Nova launcher for Android. I would take that look times out of times over iOS. At least with Android you can customize whatever launcher you want.

As far as real life speed tests, etc. Is your average user going to care that when you open 12 full blown games in a row on a phone, that the iPhone opens them in total a few seconds faster than an Android? Because no user opens that many full blown games back to back. They just do those tests for benchmarks.

Much better picture quality and beautiful screens compared to iPhones. But, please make an article regarding the pros of Apple. I really want to know the limitations of both the platforms. Hey Ashwin! Thanks for your comment.

I actually do plan on eventually coming out with an article stating the pros of iPhones over Androids. Thanks for the suggestion! I have to say i have use both of android and ios ipod, iphone, ipad2, ipad mini. I totally agree with this article that you can get more customization on android.

Some will feel that iphone is faster than android. It is true if u compare a dollar iphone with the mid-range android or the bad high-range android i mean it is a bad optimization software like Z2 in the price range. Ps apologize for my bad english, as it is not my native language. Thanks for your comment! I have no idea why Apple got rid of the headphone jack. It baffles me. Great and very true article.

I find it a mistake that you compared the s6 plus to the s7 edge instead of the s6, that made apple look better than they are… even though it still made them look bad lol. The s6 has a horrible mAh and the edge has Even the iPhone 7 will only have , and the 7 plus about Theyre finally behind and will stay behind forever now in all aspects. I will be updated some information in my article soon about the iPhone 7 that was just released.

Getting rid of the headphone jack, for instance, was a major mistake. Actually android is better than iphone because you cannot even access files and android is customizable non like iphone that depends on the ios for me that sucks and you cannot even expand the storage non like android and just to access files on iphone we need a computer non like android we can just access the files directly, we all know that android is cheaper than iphone but you cannot get these futures on an iphone. If you have to insult iPhone user that tells me who the fool really is.

I am one of those 2 phone people, who separated my personal phone from my work phone because one day I will part with my company and have to turn my phone in. There are a few things about Android phones that I love. Widgets are also much better with Android. They just work better. BUT, short of those 2 minor things, the user experience is waaaaayyyy better on iOS.

Mobile spy iphone 8 Plus or samsung galaxy note 4

The layout is better, notifications are better, apps are better, memory management is much better, it is faster, and battery life is better. You folks who look at spec. Be happy with your Android device if you want to sit on the side of specs, but you have an inferior device. Thanks for the reply Tom! I would have to disagree that notifications are better in iOS. Thanks Tom.

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  • Thanks for the helpful info on androids! Very useful information.

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