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Scroll back up to see the specifics, but this is a pretty good little device as we outlined in the earlier entry. The difference here is that for a few extra bucks the Tracker unit comes bundled with a very useful magnetic case. Not just any magnets in fact, these are made of Meodymium which is strongest type of magnet commercially available. If you want to mount your tracker on the outside of the vehicle then, you should certainly consider taking up this great value offer.

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It has a price tag a bit below what you would expect to pay for a premium model, and correspondingly some of the top end features are missing. That battery, combined with the way this unit works, gives a lifespan of up to 90 days, a very useful amount of time. It should be noted that the device works a little differently from other models.

What you do here is download an app and then when you want to know the vehicle location you text the device. It replies with Google Maps coordinates that you enter in the app for a pinpoint location. From one of the cheaper, more basic models we will be seeing out our list with this bad boy, the Mack-Daddy of GPS Trackers. It also, by the way, has a Mack-Daddy price tag of a shade under bucks, easily making it the most expensive item on the list. What do you get for that?

Well you get a very powerful battery that can give up to 90 days of tracking based on driving 1 hour per day in that time period. In operation, you can download an app or access the company web browser and get real-time updates with 20 second update time for real accuracy. Or, for a quick check on vehicle location simply text the device and it sends you a link. Click the link and your phone opens Google Maps to the exact location of the tracker — or at least to within 2. That completes our list of the best car GPS trackers on the market today.

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Having identified no less than 10 outstanding models however, how can you decide which is the best one for you? Why should you spring for a GPS tracking device?

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To out mind, there are three good reasons:. Related Post: License Plate Frames. Related Post: Police Scanners.

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There are essentially two type of GPS tracking system, which are active and passive. Active — An active style of car GPS tracker will always be transmitting data via satellite uplink. That means that you can real time information at the click of a button via a website or app. The downside is that most Active GPS car trackers have subscriptions attached to pay for that access to the satellite networks.

Passive — A passive tracker on the other hand will not transmit data. Instead, whilst it will remain connected to the GPS satellite network above earth, it will store all the movements of the vehicle internally. That means that you have to physically remove the device from your vehicle and hook it up to your laptop or tablet. You can then download the information for a complete history of the movements of the vehicle.

The plus is these devices are usually a lot cheaper, and there is no monthly subscription to pay as with the Active style trackers. Once it has the location, it communicates with you — or rather your phone or your laptop — using the 2G or 3G mobile data networks to send coordinates that the App or Website overlays onto a map, usually Google Maps. A high-end model will locate the vehicle to within 8 feet of its exact location. Broadly speaking yes with a couple of exceptions.

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If you do not own the car, you do not have the legal right to track it. These are general rules of course and will vary from state to state so we strongly recommend speaking to your local law enforcement or town hall if you have any queries at all. Many people will advocate placing it on the outside of the vehicle.

That has the advantage that a car thief is unlikely to spot and remove it. On the other hand, without a tough case and strong magnets it could end up removing itself. A smaller GPS tracker can be easily concealed in a glove box or under seats inside the vehicle cabin. It has a long battery life, it synchs with Google Maps, it has a Geo-Fencing feature to monitor the vehicle location at all times and it is above all easy to use. The Best Parking Sensors Review in Home Electronics.

Last updated: 20 Jun Check Latest Price. Show contents. Key Features:. Vyncs GPS Tracker. How cool is that, huh? Well we though it was funny. Current rating:. Based on 54 Users. Related Reads. We specialise and manufacture spy cameras and covert GPS car and vehicle tracking systems for fast covert deployment on vehicles, giving live vehicle tracking from your PC or phone. We have many years of experience in the custom manufacture of spy equipment and spy camera surveillance equipment.

We offer free friendly advice by phone or e mail on all types of electronic surveillance spy equipment, and spy cameras. With a fantastic after sales service and friendly experienced staff, if you do have any problems there is always somebody to help you out. Eyetek carry a stock of spy cameras, car trackers and spy gadgets for demonstration on our premises and we can often build a customised spy camera or audio device at short notice.

We can express ship your surveillance equipment worldwide in discreet packaging often delivered the next day. Established in Features 5. Add to basket Add to Wishlist.

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